Cheap Heart Rate Monitor

Cheap Heart Rate Monitor

Consumers seeking a cheap heart rate monitor need to search for the simplest technology that delivers an accurate result. Anyone who navigated change in the 20th century – be it in cars, sound equipment or video formats – can understand that price goes up as technology gets more sophisticated. This also applies to a cheap heart rate monitor.

Cheap Heart Rate Monitor: What to Look For

Simple is better when it comes to acquiring a cheap heart rate monitor. The most accurate heart rate monitors (regardless of sophistication) have a chest strap transmitter with a watch receiver. A cheap heart rate monitor will not have the highest-technology transmission and reception, but most digital models are fine. Avoid spring-loaded monitor, as the springs wear out.

Cheap Heart Rate Monitor: Heart and Calories

If searching for a cheap heart rate monitor, forget about Global Positioning System (GPS) models and target zones. Look for a device that measures heart rate and, if possible, calories burned. A simple chest strap and a simple watch will do the trick. This also simplifies the shopping process.

Cheap Heart Rate Monitor: Do-It-Yourself Target HR

A target heart rate is the exertion at which exercisers’ intensity does maximum goof the ticker. The are plenty of monitors and gadgets to make space science of that when users are ready for it. Many people who seek a cheap heart rate monitor can use the Karvonen method to calculating their own target heart rate (THR):

Target Heart Rate = ((Maximum Heart Rate – Resting Heart Rate) × %Intensity) + Resting Heart Rate

Example: for someone with a maximum heart rate of 180 and a resting heart rate of 70:

For A 50% Target Heart Rate: ((180 − 70) × 0.50) + 70 = 125 beats per minute