Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

A Garmin heart rate monitor is as much an invention as it is a heart monitor product. Garmin combines Global Positioning System (GPS) technology with touch-screen convenience around the wrist. The Garmin heart rate monitor  product line currently comes in three series: FR, Edge and Forerunner. A Garmin heart rate monitor  costs a little more, but it comes highly-equipped with tools other than the one taking care of your ticker.

The FR Garmin Heart Rate Monitor


The FR70 and FR90 are simplistic wire Garmin Heart Rate Monitor products for simple needs. At this level, a Garmin Heart Rate Monitor is also a sports watch. These models come with heart-rate-based calorie consumption measurement and Automatic Sync, which allows for wireless data transfer to computer. In the spirit of its ANT+™ technology, the FR-series Garmin Heart Rate Monitor comes with a Virtual Partner (who doesn’t sweat, incidentally).

The Edge Garmin Heart Rate Monitor


Although the Edge series is a GPS bike computer, both models come with a Garmin Heart Rate Monitor. Perhaps it’s a fine line between running and cycling, but bicyclers can attach the Edge Garmin Heart Rate Monitor to handlebars with a quarter-turn. The Edge 500 Garmin Heart Rate Monitor can record up to 1000 cycling laps with heart-rate based calorie computation advanced goal-setting capacity.

The Forerunner Garmin Heart Rate Monitor


The Forerunner Garmin Heart Rate Monitor is a GPS-enabled series with advanced features. From touch-screen interface to swim metrics, the Forerunner series has the capacity to measure dozens of training data types . Even battery life flexes depending on the user’s exertion. The Forerunner 310XT enables swimmers to program up to 100 favorite locations with open-water speed measurement capability.

A Garmin heart rate monitor  is an exercise in multifunction GPS measurement technology.