Mio Heart Rate Monitor

Mio Heart Rate Monitor

A Mio heart rate monitor comes with built-in purpose. By that, we mean that users are encouraged to select the desired outcome of acquiring and Mio heart rate monitor: wellness, fitness and performance.

Mio Heart Rate Monitor: Wellness

The Mio heart rate monitor line for wellness is distinctively designed as an organic overall health measurement tool. From models that record steps and distance to those measuring heart intensity and optimum exertion, a  Mio heart rate monitor for wellness is mostly a walker`s tool. Some models feature Mio`s 3D Advanced Accelerometer Technology (Acc-Tek) for advanced pedometer performance. However, other models in this Mio heart rate monitor category can be used for swimming.

Mio Heart Rate Monitor: Fitness


A Mio heart rate monitor under the fitness category is for walkers and runners. It “Drive” series is geared towards calories burning functions, while the “Motion” series focuses on speed, steps and distance. The Mio “Motion” series is also equipped for programmable heart rate target zones, as are most walking and running heart rate monitors. The “Motiva” line is a Mio heart rate monitor designed for users who track calorie in-take. This series` stylish design makes wrist-worn monitors a dietary matter.

Mio Heart Rate Monitor: Performance


The performance line of Mio heart rate monitor products combines features carried in other categories. The diet and calorie-intake functions are built in to the “Triumph” and “Active” series. The “Quest” performance monitor is fully connective with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) capacity. The “Energy” models feature continuous (chest strap) or on-demand (wrist-worn) heart rate monitoring. The Mio heart rate monitor performance models.

At the turn of the 21st century, entrepreneur Liz Dickinson created Mio, which is Italian for “mine.” The company’s goal is to provide not just heart rate assessment, but feedback on fitness goals with motivation in mind.