Nike Heart Rate Monitor

Nike Heart Rate Monitor

A Nike heart rate monitor is almost-exclusively worn on the wrist for various forms of exercise. Buyers benefit from knowing that Nike sports watches tend not to be heart rate monitors. As it happens, Nike products for women serve as both heart rate monitors and watches.

Nike Heart Rate Monitor: Triax

The Triax category is the broadest when it comes to finding a Nike heart rate monitor. Generally, the products within satisfy specialized purpose, even if that is to acquire a simple Nike heart rate monitor. The Triax line contains two heart rate monitors with chest straps: the Triax Elite and the Triax C5. The C3 and C6 monitors provide chronograph and continuous heart rate monitoring, while four other Nike heart rate monitor Triax models are designed for running applications.

Nike Heart Rate Monitor: Triax Fury

The Triax Fury line is Nike’s sports watch class designed for lap-timing as goals to be reached. The four products in the line measure athletic accomplishment by recording lap times and total times needed for runners to fully work out. In this sense, beginners may find the Triax Fury an unsuitable Nike heart rate monitor. This product is geared towards the more advanced athlete.

Nike Heart Rate Monitor: Imara

This line of Nike heart rate monitor makes a female fashion statement of athletic fitness. The Imara’s main Nike heart rate monitor feature is the chronograph. Otherwise, the style trumps the heart rate monitoring capacity. With Imara, Nike seeks to integrate heart rate monitoring distinctive all-in-one watches design for multipurpose usage.

Nike’s heart rate monitors are designed more for intense athletic exertion than they are for beginners in search of formative fitness levels. That said, the company’s women-only line takes Nike into a fashion-dominant direction. Clearly identify your heart rate monitoring needs before choosing from these products.