Timex Heart Rate Monitor

Timex Heart Rate Monitor

A Timex heart rate monitor  is really a watch first. Naturally, it’s Timex. However, shoppers  need to recognize that the company seeks to incorporate a Timex heart rate monitor into the capacity of a Timex model which performs other functions, too: lap counter, pulse calculator, dress watch and stopwatch.

Timex heart rate monitor: IRONMAN®

The Ironman® line is  probably the closest approximation that users will find as a Timex heart rate monitor. It features entry-level design to make ironman training affordable. This is true of all Timex models which might be considered for heart monitoring. The Ironman® facsimile of a Timex heart rate monitor is water resistant up to 100 meters. Users can program on-screen for pulse calculation by responding to prompts. The basic Ironman® models are unisex devices.

Timex heart rate monitor: Timex® Ironman® for Men

The Dual-Tech dresses down for working out, and it dresses up for going out. Although this product can serve as a form of Timex heart rate monitor, it is listed as a “sports watch.” Duel-tech products count and memorize up to 42 laps of continuous exertion, but they can count up to 99 laps. Users have usually already defined their target zone heart rates prior to excreting ironman exertion levels. However, a duel-tech Timex heart rate monitor serves to confirm that exertion according to lap counts.

It is not surprising that Timex, a perennial watch-maker, retains time-keeping as a core capacity in its Timex ironman heart rate monitor.